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🔥 La_zet drainer project is looking for investment
- Working for 3 years in the drainer market, I've been noticing the needs of drainers. The project of merging drainers into a bot for work aims to solve a large part of them. The goal of this project is to maximise comfort, autonomy and speed up your workflow. With my best team of coders as well as advanced ban bypassing I am ready to provide you with my future product!

💎 Features of the project on release:
- Bot combining drainer networks: BTC+BRC-20, Trc20, Ton, Solana, EVM 0x (more than 80 networks);
- Support for multi-page designs;
- Site check for detects;
- Installation of drainer WITHOUT modal window, directly into the site;
- Uploading to hosting providers and design auto deployment;
- Issuing a compilation under request, for self-hosting by the user / integration of the drainer into your site;
- Bypass BlockAid, MM. Maximize the life of the ofer without banning. Cloudflare integration;
- Auto swap system contracts to clean;
- Knock system in the channel and in the channel+bot from the user;
- Visual editor of your ofer;
- Code encryption, antiddos;
- Installation of design through our database of providers\your archive\request for a copy of the site;
- Auto split system, increased interest to tops and investors;
- As well as in the bot database of providers related to the drainer, such as application forms, referral web pages, etc.

💎 Benefits for the investor:
- Progress reporting before release;
- Early installation of the drainer, the ability to use the service a month before going to market;
- Priority manual installation of designs for investors, any copy of the site from the support will be installed in priority mode;
- Notifications of future plans, projects of my team, the opportunity to participate in them;
- Lifetime maximum payout percentage on ALL drainers, including future networks;
- Return x2 of the investment amount if the quality does not suit the investor.

📌 F.A.Q:
- Approximate launch schedule is 2 months;
- Old ( current ) drainers will be disabled or sold;
- Total minimum bid will be raised, the bot will have TOP and regular coo groups;
- I am open to commercial offers, teaming up, opening branches and the possibility of mentoring (chat) within the team;

💬For real offers, demo requests write in PM @LA_ZET
Ton, Tron, EVM-bypassed